I will bring a strong voice for working households, those on fixed incomes, renters, and our residents with inadequate housing. These members of our community deserve a representative.
I will be transparent, accessible, and will respectfully listen to you. I cannot tell you how many times my emails and comments to our current City Council are gone left without a reply or fall on deaf ears. Whether we see eye to eye or not, as your Councilwoman I pledge to reply to your correspondence, respect your views, ask questions, vote with integrity, and vote in a manner that supports our residents.
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Resident Retention
Our full time residents are an integral part of our community. I will govern in a manner that supports our residents and local businesses. Longtime residents are moving out in droves and the City is not attracting full time residents, which sustain our community and commerce. As I recognize we are a City which attracts tourists and part time residents, we are also a City with residents who live here full time. 
I am an advocate for our homeless and the many residents with inadequate housing. More and more residents are living in their vehicles, with multiple families, sleeping on the streets, or camping in our forests. A long term housing solution will take collaboration with other Monterey Peninsula cities.    It is time for Pacific Grove to become a part of the dialogue and solution. I will work to establish a Renter's Assistance Program and am committed to renters feeling supported by the City in which they reside. The program I envision will offer a one time grant to assist with move in expenses, pet deposits, or help residents who fall on hard times.
That's me in the Butterfly Parade- 1981
As your Councilwoman I will look out for the best interest and safety of our neighborhoods, environment, and residents, utilizing the governing principles in the City Charter, General Plan, and Municipal Code. These imperative documents were written to guide the future of Pacific Grove and to protect our unique town.
The City has a spending problem. Too many of our tax dollars are going toward expensive consultants, studies, contracted services, and memberships. Financial decisions made at this time need to be frugal and come with a warranted need.   
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