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Pacific Grove foregoes naming mayor pro tem


“Starting off with competition by asking our colleagues to vote for one of us may not be a positive start to our two years together,” she said. “This is a unique opportunity to not go with the status quo.”  

Pacific Grove City Council eyes racial equity


“Nationally, statewide and in Pacific Grove, community members continue to express their concerns and engage in demonstrations to drive change,” McAdams wrote. “There is no simple, easy solution for dismantling systemic racism or achieving justice.”

Some worry what affordability will do to property values

Row of Houses

“I’m hearing about ‘my property values, my assets’ — we’re here to represent the entire community,” she said. “We are not here to make sure our property values increase. We need to think about our communities first instead of our property values.”

Holy Smokes! Potential Cannabis Dispensary in Pacific Grove


City Council member Jenny McAdams believes “a topic like cannabis should not be up to the city council to solely decide.” McAdams feels this decision is for the community, and that residents should be given the opportunity to participate. McAdams originally voted against the ordinance, having claimed it was rushed, poorly written, and had several areas that needed improvement.

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