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I bring a strong voice for working households, those on fixed incomes, renters, our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) residents, and our LGBTQ community. I am honored to represent and advocate for our diverse community.  
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I am transparent, accessible, and listen with an open mind. Whether we see eye to eye or not, as your Council Member I will reply to all correspondence, respect your views, ask questions, vote with integrity, and vote in a manner that supports our City and residents.
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I am an advocate for the many residents with inadequate housing and our homeless community. More and more residents are living in their vehicles, with multiple families, sleeping on the streets, or moving away. I have brought Pacific Grove to the regional housing discussion with tangible City solutions. 



As your Council Member the best interest of our residents, environment, community sustainability, and fiscal health guide my decisions. I come to meetings prepared and ready to continue the good work. 
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